Thankful on Thursday: Gratitude

It’s been a week since my last post.   Many new posts are in the works, just need to tweak them a tad more.

I am liking the idea of these “Thankful on Thursday” posts.  It makes me STOP and think about the little ways that life is good.  I never want to be so busy doing that I forget to be grateful for the small little blessings in each day.  They’re there…it’s just a matter of pausing long enough to recognize them.

Here’s what I am grateful for today – what are you thankful for?

11.  A really good, compelling story that’s easy to get swept up in.

12.  Auctions that offer super deals on forgotten treasures.

13.  Plants that grow and flourish in spite of my attempts to care for them.

14.  Willing hands that assist in projects you’d rather not face.

15.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  (Seriously.   I’m addicted. When Monday is nearly over and before Monday Jr (aka Tuesday) begins, I can count on the ladies to make me giggle and laugh and gasp and cover my eyes over the things they face in life.  And suddenly, my world looks a little bit brighter.)

16.  Mini-vacations.

17.  Listening to some MxPx with the windows rolled down and a Coke in my hand.

18.  Smooth, decadent, delicious chocolate peanut butter smeared onto banana slices.  Mmmmmmm.

19.  Spicy, lip-smacking polish sausage cooked by my mom…at our house.

20.  Moments of creativity that come in random spurts, no matter how sporadic they may be.


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