Best. Bag. Ever.

While on vacation, I developed a deep, intense, can’t-live-without-you love for my camera bag.  If any of you have an SLR and need a good camera bag, allow me to introduce you to mine because I am now a believer that it is the best bag that’s ever come into my life.  And that’s saying something.

Please say hello to the Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW.

I picked it up at Best Buy.  It’s a sling bag, worn like a backpack over one shoulder.  I love the style because it is completely hands-free.  Fasten it on and go!   It slides around so you can zip it open and access your camera without ever having to take it off.  I never have to worry about it sliding off my shoulder or, a more likely scenario for absent-minded me, setting it down and forgetting it or having it snatched.  It fits very snugly across my back.  I literally wore it all day, every day when we were in Oregon, hiking up and down mountains, wandering around the ranch, slugging through airports – love it.

Seriously, check out all the gear you can cram into this bag.

And that’s just the main compartment – there are two other zippered pouches to stuff items into.  In addition to carrying my camera and lenses, it also has room for extra memory cards and batteries, my microfiber towel (to clean the camera/lenses), USB cords, battery charger, and my point-and-shoot Canon.  And when it was doubling as my carry-on, I also crammed in my wallet, cell phone, a book and a small notebook.  I die.  Could there be a more perfect bag?!

Oh, it has one other amazing feature that I never thought I’d use.  It has an attached water-proof cover (which tucks in when it’s not needed).  I’d never used this until we were hiking up to the top of a waterfall in Oregon and we were caught in a torrential downpour.  It saved my camera’s life.   I was soaking wet, but everything in that bag was bone dry.  Thank you, my dear Slingshot.  I love you forever.


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