Little Things

Sometimes when I get swamped with life, I need to slow down.  Last night I took a walk around the house and yard with my camera.

One of my favorite things is new life.  Aren’t these cute?  I can’t wait until they get big enough to transplant outdoors in a flowerbed.  Confession #1 of the day: I lost the label that identified them…so I have no idea what they are.  🙂

Pansies for the hanging baskets this year.  I love the color combo of yellow and purple.  It makes me happy.

The ultimate signs of spring at our house: Muck boots, gloves, and flowering plants.

One of my earliest memories of my Grandma Gibson is of watching her can peaches.  I can still see her wrinkled hands sliding off the slippery skins, revealing the soft fleshy peach underneath.  Canned some of my own last summer, and have been enjoying them lately.  Seeing them and tasting them will forever remind me of Grandma.

Confession #2 of the day: I love these flowers but I have no idea what they are, either.  I remember that they were part of a garden that I mail-ordered last year, and they popping up around the yard…but I am clueless.  Some sort of daffodil??  I just don’t know.

New walkway!  (A work in progress…)

Baby pepper plants in a not-so-straight row, much to my husband’s embarrassment…


4 thoughts on “Little Things

    • Amber, it’s still stuck downstairs. 😦 I want to stain it outdoors in the natural light, so until Jon gets the legs chopped off so it can be hauled up and outside, the project is stalled. 😉 Don’t worry – I will update you as soon as there is something to update!!

  1. Jenny, I love your cozy home page. I do believe the yellow flower is a daffodil –maybe a double daffodil. But I will look it up for you because you now have me wondering. Miss you sweetie.

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