Good Grief

OK.  Headboard update.

I talked Jon into helping me last night, and we built the new headboard for our bed. Yay!  Well, it’s not sanded and stained, but it is constructed.  Only took about an hour!  And I am absolutely in love with it.  It is beautiful.

Only one problem.  We put it together in the basement, and it’s too tall to fit up the basement stairs.

Not even kidding. I thought Jon was going to die.

Maybe I should check measurements on projects before starting?!?

The headboard is pretty tall, so we can trim some off the legs without hurting anything in order to get it upstairs.

Or we can relocate our bedroom to the basement.

Pics coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Good Grief

  1. Oh, no! Jen, I moaned when I read that your headboard is too big to fit up the basement stairway. Who would even think of that?!?

    On the other hand, my dad is a little bit notorious for building furniture in his shop that he can’t get into the house. He has become quite the expert at ingenious ways to gain entry with over-sized objects. Windows are always an option. Or when necessary, he’ll remove the door, the hinges, and the trim.

    Good luck!

  2. jen, i love reading your blog, i had noooo idea you had one!!! and this whole headboard not fitting upstairs, is SOOO something i would do 🙂 love reading, so keep on writing!!

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