In between eating Peeps, watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on TBS (which I had never seen before – loved it!), and singing at church with my favorite group of ladies this glorious Easter weekend, I did make a little progress on projects around the house.

The wind blew about 90 mph Friday and Saturday, so yesterday was the day I ventured outdoors to start some new seeds.  I picked up packages of zinnia and gaillardia seeds to start in Jiffy-strips.  I also decided to try another round of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers using this method, rather than the peat pots…I’m curious about which method works better.

Despite his anti-social-ness, Corky always comes around whenever I take pictures.  I think deep down he  loves being the center of attention.

I came across this container when we were helping Jon’s grandparents clean out the shop last weekend.  I think it could be a neat container for flowers on the porch this year.  I think I’ll have to drill a couple of holes for drainage, but it’s worth a shot.

So, the headboard project.  A few of the boards are unusual sizes.  Jon said we could find them in the old house, but they’d be full of nails.  At first I was ok with that, because I thought it would look even more distressed and cool.  But then I thought about having to pull all the nails out of the lumber, and that wasn’t so appealing to me.  So it came to pass that I decided to buy lumber.  It cost me $52 for all the lumber, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

Over Jon’s lunch hour on Saturday he measured out all the pieces for me and I got all the boards cut.  Then I realized that I didn’t have the right size nails for the nail gun AND I was short a board…so that put the project on hold.  Sheesh. So the boards are ready and waiting for the next step, which Jon insists I let him help with. I tried to explain that I have mad skills using a nail gun since I built bird feeders for a living when I was in college, but he is having none of that. I am secretly relieved by his insistence to help because I do get a little distracted sometimes. 🙂  I’ll be getting the nails and the extra board today, so hopefully we can make some progress on it this week.  So thus far, this is all I have to show for my project:

(Please excuse the mess in the background, which is Jon’s project…finishing our basement.  That’s a project for a whole other blog.)

I also woke up to see this note from Jon in our bathroom on Sunday morning:

I’m a little relieved that I get to handle the gardening and cooking and cleaning and that Jon gets to handle the plumbing.

And that sums up Easter weekend at the cozy house.


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