The Justification

I’ve been trying to save money lately.  And since nothing makes me want to spend money like saving money, I’d like to write about what I have been tempted to buy for the past few weeks.

Camera lenses.

For a very long time, I have been telling Jon that I need to find a hobby that rivals his hunting in terms of money spent on equipment.  I do believe I have found one.

Photography is wonderful and exciting and creative and expensive.

This is my baby:

I love it to death.  Pentax K2000 Digital SLR.  It has changed my life.  It’s the first SLR I’ve ever owned, and it’s perfect for beginners like me.  It’s very “forgiving”…puts up with a lot of my nonsense when it comes to messing around with shutter speeds and apertures and all that junk that I really don’t quite have a handle on yet.

I have two lenses for the camera, and I’ve had lots of fun using them and have gotten some really neat-o pictures.


There are so many cool lenses out there and they are driving me crazy.  I need them.  And I DEFINITELY need them before going to Oregon in May.

Here’s where the justifying comes in.

Jon likes to buy guns.  He has a cabinet full of guns.

Guns are an investment.

So are lens.

Guns and lenses run about the same price-wise.

Soooo, I think I can have a cabinet full of lenses to even the score. Right?

Not sure the husby will see it that way.  Soooo….

Maybe I’d just better focus on perfecting my technique with the two lenses I currently have.

Or maybe I need to start playing the lottery.

Or have a really really big garage sale.

Or sell the dogs.

Just kidding about the dogs.

Kind of.


4 thoughts on “The Justification

  1. Absolutely! I’m behind you 100%, Jen!

    My husband’s main hobby is hunting, too…and he’s constantly gun shopping and figuring out ways to “invest” in a new gun.

    My hobbies aren’t anywhere near as expensive as guns, scopes, camo, decoys, deer stands, or size 13 boots! I’ve made a conscious effort to not feel guilty about spending a little on my own hobbies now and then. A girl’s got to feed her creativity! (But I don’t break the bank!)

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