Spring is Springing

Our weather forecast calls for near 50 degree weather for the next 10 days…and even though I know that it’s a little soon to be singing the praises of spring, these (probably temporary) warm temperatures promise that spring will someday soon spring upon us.

And when it shows up, I want to be ready.  That’s why I have spent the past few evenings poring over mail order seed and garden catalogues, making my list of plants and seeds to order for the lawn and garden this year.  I am still a newbie at landscaping, and am not great at it yet, so I tend to go for plants that are VERY low-maintenance.  That means that any plants or bulbs that require being dug up in the fall are out.

Sidebar:  I have one very significant issue I have to consider when planning flower beds and lawn care – the dogs.

Love ’em to death, but they have zero consideration for anything planted in the yard. They are totally redneck mutts. Very uncivilized.  They run and wrestle and roll around on anything in their paths, and I can’t quite figure out how to protect plants from their paws.  But I’m not letting this little dilemma stop me from planning or planting.  I will triumph! ( Name that movie!)  OK, really, I probably won’t triumph, but I at least have to try.

Anyway, catalogues from Gurney’s and Spring Hill are both offering the same coupon, which I think they offer every year – spend $25, get $25 in free stuff.  I’m gonna take advantage.

Last year I bought 3 “professionally-designed” flower beds from Spring Hill, which was perfect because each came with a layout of where exactly to place each and every plant.  Great for pitiful landscapers like yours truly who really have no business handling plants.  This year I’m branching out just a little and am going to work on “bettering” (is that a word?) the flower beds I started last year.  (And I may have my fingers crossed that my parents plan a visit in late spring/early summer to help out…)

Plants already in the yard include black-eyed susans, mums, ferns, lots and lots of hostas, astilbe, and daffodils.  Oh, and morning glories that climb the garden fence, which was my favorite last summer.

On my list for the yard:

  • Coneflowers…these just make me happy when I look at them.

  • Blanketflowers…love the contrasting colors.

  • Purple Blazing Stars…so unique!  The dogs will probably eat them.

  • More ferns!

Plus a couple more trees, but those will be purchased at a local nursery.

Now, for the garden!  I don’t plant anything exotic, just the normal stuff: carrots, roma tomatoes, green peppers, onions, potatoes, green beans, rhubarb, cucumbers, and pickler cucumbers.  I typically buy plants for the tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers…but the past two years I have had a heck of a time finding roma tomato plants.  I plant romas because I use them to make spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce…they’re better than regular tomatoes for sauces because they are “meatier,” not as watery.

Soooo…I think this year I may try something new, and start my own plants from seeds indoors, growing them inside until the garden is ready.  Gurney’s has a seed starting kit that I’m thinking about purchasing.  I’m excited to try starting the tomatoes, peppers and cukes from seeds.  Hopefully disaster won’t strike.

On my garden list from Gurneys:

  • Onion sets
  • Kentucky wonder pole green bean seeds (I like pole beans rather than bush…I’m deathly afraid of snakes lurking in the garden, so the less I have to poke around on the ground for produce, the better.)
  • Carrot seeds
  • Roma tomato seeds
  • Cucumber seeds
  • Pickling cucumber seeds
  • Seed starting kit

Ok, now that I am looking at this outdoors to-do list, I am a bit overwhelmed…good thing spring hasn’t sprung quite yet.


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