Let Alice Change Your Life

Holly told me about Alice this week, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

You may already know Alice, but for those of you who don’t, allow me to introduce you.

If you love online shopping and good deals, you will love, love, love Alice.   This site offers many brands of household  items that you use every day, and many of them are offered at discounted prices. Lots of deals to be had!

Here are a few reasons why I am loving Alice:

  1. Free shipping.  ALWAYS.
  2. Lots of products have automatic coupon discounts.  This means you get coupon savings without having to mess with entering special codes at checkout.
  3. The site is just super-user friendly.  It’s easy to navigate, is laid out logically, and it remembers what products you use the most.  Also allows you to set up a schedule of how often you would like to re-order those frequently used items like kleenex, soap, and dog treats.  Have I mentioned we have 4 dogs?  We go through a lot of dog treats at our house.

I tried it out today, and here’s the rundown and cost of each item I purchased.  These were all items we needed anyway, so in addition to saving some moolah and getting some major discounts, I saved a trip to the store.  LOVE that.

Old Spice deodorant:- $1.79 – coupon for $1.00 = $.79

Dove deodorant: $1.97 – coupon for $1.00 = $.97

Irish Springs bar soap (3 pack): $1.93

Glad Ovenware 8×8 containers (for freezer cooking – can only find these at Target and NEVER in this size): $5.45 – $.50 coupon = $4.95

Mr. Clean gloves: $2.05

PIC fly traps (gross, I know, but spring is coming and for some reason flies love finding their way inside the cozy house): $2.49 – $.25 coupon = $2.24

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner: $2.29 – $.50 coupon = $1.79

Viva Paper Towels: $2.00 – $.40 coupon = $1.60

Downy Wrinkle Releaser (LOVE this and can’t find it anywhere anymore!): $1.59 – $1.00 coupon = $.59

Bounty Paper Towels: $.84 – $.25 coupon = $.59

Sub-total: $17.50

Tax: $.95


Oh, the one thing I will say about Alice is that you do have to purchase 6 items to checkout…but that’s usually pretty easy to do.  I had no trouble finding 6 things that I needed.

I know that I will still have to watch prices and make sure that what I’m paying online isn’t way out of line compared to what I would pay in a store, especially when there are good sales to be found in person.  But Alice proved her worth to me today, so I predict that I will be using this site quite a bit in the future.  I LOVE saving money!  🙂


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