Saving Our Pennies

So a few weeks ago, I wrote about step one of our little financial makeover, which was starting to use Quicken to keep our bills and checkbook register straight.  That has been going really well, so I’ve also been on the lookout for new, little ways that we can save money and start tucking more away for the future.  We have some home improvement projects we’d like to start in the near future, so every little bit saved will help those ideas come to fruition that much sooner.

I’ve just found out about a really cool program on  It’s called the Subscribe and Save Program.  You get 15% off AND free shipping on tons of groceries and household items available at – all you have to do is sign up for an auto-delivery schedule, which can be once one, two, three, or six months.  You can cancel or change your delivery schedule at any time, and there is no fee to join.

Love this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Products that I use frequently are shipped directly to my house, which means fewer trips to the grocery store and more time saved during the week.
  2. Most items are offered in bulk packages, so they last longer…which means yet more time saved.
  3. The price per ounce is much cheaper than even the sale price at local stores.

For instance: one item I’m excited about ordered through this program are K-cups for our Keurig coffee maker.  I usually have to buy them at Kohls, where a box of 18 K-cups is $15…PLUS the cost of gas to make the 120-mile round trip to buy them.  Through the Subscribe and Save Program, I can get a box of 50 K-cups for $17…including free shipping.  Fab!!

They also offer a number of green cleaning products and organic foods…which can be hard to come by in our neck of the prairie.

I’m all for supporting our local grocery store, but for those items that are either hard or impossible to find in our little town, this program will be fabulous!   I can hear the pennies clinging in the piggy bank already.


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