Christmastime is Here…

There are two annual events that really get me in the Christmas spirit.

The first is the annual Ladies Christmas Social.  Our church invites women from area churches to attend this event and welcome in the Christmas season!  Ladies from our church volunteer to decorate the tables…it’s a fun excuse to get out the fancy china and get glitzed up.  (I don’t think “glitzed” is a word – if it’s not, it should be.)

There were lots of ladies…

And lots of pretties…

Lots of singing…

And even a few elves.  They were wearing bells! Aren’t they cute?!

This was my favorite decoration of the night – very blog-worthy.  I want Ruth to teach me how to make these napkin rings.  Love!

Our minister’s wife, Lynn, gave a wonderful message.  It was one of those that made me think, “WOW.  These words are exactly what I need to hear RIGHT NOW.”

Hers wasn’t a typical Christmas message…but it was meaningful to me and what I’ve been thinking about this Christmas season.  She talked about FULFILLMENT…and the traps we can fall into when we start thinking about what we “need” in life to be fulfilled, whether it’s a person or a purchase. Things like, “When I have ____(fill in the blank), I will be complete.”  Or, “I can’t be a happy, fulfilled person without _________ in my life.”  Hmmm.  Her words made me evaluate what I’ve been placing worth on lately, and helped me realize that I am SO not focused on the right things in life right now.   And she talked about CONTENTMENT…being content with where we are right now – in our marriages, in our friendships, in our jobs, in our homes.  It’s so easy – too easy – to get caught up in what we “lack” and lose focus of what we’re blessed with – loved ones that are still with us, food in the refrigerator, a warm house to come home to.

Anyhoo.  Over 70 women attended the event,  and it was a fab evening.

The second event that signals the Christmas season is the Shop and Wrap for kids in our church and community.  Our church collects donations of gifts and wrapping supplies and, on a Saturday afternoon each December, invites kids to come in and buy Christmas presents for their families.  Everything is $.25.

There were lots of smiles…

And presents to choose from…

And volunteers to help!

I love this event for two reasons:

  1. It’s a wonderful way to teach kids the importance of giving to others.  They’re so proud to be able to buy gifts for their families – I get such a kick from seeing the presents they pick out!  Very cute.
  2. It’s amazing to see the generosity of our church family.  The gifts that are donated are worth WAY more than a quarter, and you just know that people are donating with happy, sincere hearts, and with children’s happiness in mind.  Economic times are tough, but you couldn’t tell it at all by looking at the wonderful donations in our fellowship hall.

I think the Christmas spirit is alive and well in central Nebraska!


2 thoughts on “Christmastime is Here…

  1. Jen, you are right. We get caught up in the next thing and the next need or want. Driving to work today, I was hit with the realization that you worship what is center in your life. I have been on a buying frenzy with Christmas and then the after-christmas sales. And I am uncentered, because God is not where he needs to be for me right now………..he need to be 1st and front and center. And, that will make all the difference…….. Take care, Cindy

    • Cindy, thanks for your note. This is something I feel like I have to learn again and again in my life…maybe some day I’ll be 100% content and focused on Him, but until then, I’m thankful from little reminders from you that encourage me!

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