Holy Hot Potatoes, Batman

Have you seen the bags that are for baking potatoes in the microwave?  They look something like this:

Sunflower and Ivy Tater Baker Bag for Microwave

We had one at our house.  I loved my baked potato bag.  (Notice that I am using the past tense!)  The cozy house almost got a lot cozier recently.

I was baking a casserole in the oven for supper one night, and thought that I’d microwave some potoatoes using my baked potato bag, which I’ve done many times before.  No big deal.  So I wrapped them in paper towels and put them in the bag and set the microwave for 8 minutes, all per the instructions that came with the bag. 

8 minutes later, microwave beeped to tell me the potatos were done.  And when I opened the microwave, imagine my surprise when flames lept out at me!  The bag was on fire!  Eeks!  Flames!  What to do?  So I grabbed a cup of water…and then another…and threw it in the microwave (which was still plugged in…)  And this is all that is left of my beloved baked potato bag.


What a sad day at the cozy house.  I am just glad we still have a cozy house. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Holy Hot Potatoes, Batman

  1. I am in a world of trouble…I made a bunch of these Potatoe Bags for Christmas this year…gave them out as gifts and sold them at Craft Fairs…this morning I received a call from one of the customers stating the her bag caught on fire in the microwave!! I didn’t know what to do….so I did my own test on a few I had here waiting to be picked up by my daughter TO GIVE as gifts…they caught on fire and smoked the house up all three times. I tried 3 made out of 3 different printed fabrics…I used the 100% cotton batting and 100% cotton fabrics…I won’t do this again. Great idea…but….now what I am going to tell people!!! I have been calling everyone I “KNOW” got one…Merry Christmas to you!

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