Feelin’ Fine

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers over the past few weeks.  It means a lot that we have so many people who care about us. We are very blessed! 

I’m glad to report that within the past week, I’ve begun to feel human again…which I was starting to doubt would ever happen!  It’s been a slower process than I expected…I guess deep down I didn’t really believe that it would take me so long to get back on my feet.  Even now it takes me longer than normal to get up and moving, and laughing, coughing and sneezing still hurts like the dickens, but my endurance is much better and I’ve been sleeping better this week – woo-hoo!  I’ve done too much a few times, and have paid for it in the days following, but I am learning that I need to truly just take it easy and not push too hard.  I feel like I’m constantly reminding myself that even though I’m moving around better, my insides are still healing and need to be treated tenderly.

My most recent appointment went well.  My doctor ripped the tape off my incision (literally – ouch) to check it out.  Here’s my vanity being revealed: I was afraid to look at it, because I really thought the sight of it would a.) gross me out, and b.) make me cry my eyes out at the sight of my no-longer-unblemished belly.  Seriously.  But the doctor made me look, and it looked awesome!  I could hardly even tell anything had happened.  Loved my doctor so much at that moment.  She did an amazing job.  Relief!  Of course, as time goes by, the scar may become a bit more obvious, but I’m ok with that now.  Then she taped me back up, gave me a shot of something (meds, not booze :)), told me she’d see me in four more weeks, and sent me on my way.  So we drove 3 hours to get there, sat in the office for 30 minutes, and drove the 3 hours home.  We get to do that for the next 3 months until she gives me a clean bill of health. 

So, I’m making progress and feeling better.  Sorry about being slow in posting updates on the blog…until lately, I kind of didn’t want to think about the procedure any more than necessary.  Just now getting to the point where I can look back on everything without being a complete emotional wreck.  Ready to move forward!  Yay!  🙂


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