The Week of Photoshop

OK!  I gave myself one task to accomplish while loafing around the cozy house around this month, and I am running out of time since I have to return to work on November 5.  My assignment?  Learn how to use Photoshop.  Ugh.

Seriously, the first time I opened Photoshop, I had a major freak-out moment.  My eyes bugged out and I closed the program right away, I was that scared.  But I’ve seen how others have used it to transform blah photos into eye-poppers, and I must say I’m super impressed with what it can do.  I don’t want to do crazy, off the wall things – I just want to add some oomph to my pics. 

So, I dub this the “Week of Photoshop.”  I am going to chain myself to this laptop until I have some comprehension of how this darn program works.  So…layers, flattening, masks…I have no idea what any of these things are or how to use them…but I soon will.  I will triumph!


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