As promised, here are pics from our freezer cooking day this weekend.  6 women + 12 recipes + lots of laughs = priceless!   Thanks for a great day, ladies!

My recipes: Chicken nuggets, wet tacos

Picture2 046 copy

Tresia’s recipes: Breaded fish fillets, chicken noodle soup

Holly’s recipes:  Lasagna, cheesy ham casserole

Picture2 048 copy

Angela’s recipes: Tex-mex corn chowder, enchilada pie

Picture2 052 copy

Danielle’s recipes: Meatballs, pizza pasta casserole

Picture2 053 copy

Michelle’s recipes: Cheese-stuffed manicotti, mexi-beef casserole

Picture2 054

Picture2 056 copy

Picture2 058 copy

Picture2 061 copy

Picture2 062 copy

Picture2 064 copy

All 12 meals.  Since there are just two of us at our house, my meals were packed in smaller servings.

I went home with 23 meals…not bad for 5 hours!

Picture2 075 copy

Packing up…

Picture2 067

Whew – all done!

Picture2 076 copy


3 thoughts on “Party!

  1. I have to say, all the back doors open waiting for food to be put in them looked better from the highway!! Sounds like it was lots of fun!

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